‘Rent’ – 2018


    13th -20th October, 2018
    Cheltenham Playhouse


    Director – Darren Garraghan
    Musical Director – Paul McLaughlin
    Choreographer – Sophie Constantine



    Mimi – Frankie Leonard
    Maureen – Hannah Bennett
    Joanne – Catrin Rod
    Mark – Neil Burge
    Roger – Keir Kille
    Collins – Gary Haseley-Nejrup
    Benny – Nicholas Tobias

    Male Ensemble – Robbie Gardner, Jake Higgins, Nick Payne, Stephen Pugh
    Female Ensemble – Liv Birch, Vickie Long, Sam Rawlings, Shannon Willetts


    Re-Auditions for the part of Angel will take place from 21:30 on Thursday 28th June at Christ Church, Cheltenham.  For further information, please contact our Production Secretary.