‘Blackadder’ – Re-Audition

  • Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, we have recently lost a valuable cast member for the upcoming 2018 winter play at the Playhouse.  Therefore, we would like to invite anyone who missed out on the original auditions, as well as existing cast, to come and try out for the role of ‘George’…

    Lt. The Hon. George Colthurst St Barleigh (20-30)
    A young frontline officer in the British Army during World War I and a dim-witted “upper class twit” – strongly reminiscent in both manner and personality of Bertie Wooster (a la Jeeves and Wooster.) George joined the army on the first day of World War I, along with nine other students at Cambridge University. The ten men named themselves the Trinity College tiddlywinks, or the “Trinity Tiddlers” He is the only surviving member of the group.
    He retains his enthusiastic naiveté, despite being stuck in the trenches for 3 years, revealing a lack of awareness of the seriousness of his circumstances described the character as “smiling through in the face of certain death.
    Although he lacks any kind of skill, competence, or authority as an officer, his upper-class status and educational background meant he went straight into the commissioned ranks upon enlisting. Although George is shown to have benefited from his background of privilege he still remains a generally kind and hopeful individual, and shortly before the big push at the end of the final episode George finally expresses some genuine fear and sadness that he may indeed die.

    Auditions will take place from 21:30, on Thursday 16th November, at Christ Church.

    George – Audition Piece

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